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U.S. Marine, PFC Paul E. Ison, an assistant BAR gunner with the 1st Marine Division, runs hunched through Japanese machine gun fire while crossing a draw, which the Marines called ‘Death Valley’ on May 10, 1945 at Okinawa. 

When I got in this ‘u&me’ together with him. I told him straight that if god forbid we go our seperate ways, I will go ghost on him…..where I dont exist in his life….. we were together for a year only; he called it off after two weeks our one year anniversary. I was lost. I was like the fuck I did?? Doubting myself at times. But see here was a thing I was so loyal that…..he didnt put a title….bcz I claimed he was mine and he claimed I was his. It was out there in social media. I was good to him. It was hard at times,& I held it in cuz I wanted to show him that im better and im a girl of my word and that talk is cheap and actions are bigger.

It didn’t occur to me that this past friday he snapchat me and ask me to Facetime him? I was surprised. Instead I gave him my new number. And all I know that …that night we talked……for about two hours. A part of me wanted to be like

Hey you its been awhile. I knew sooner or later u will contact me.

But instead it went down like this

Him: on a scale 1-5 …5 being the most hated…how much do u hate me?

Me: ……………..
I dont hate you.
What do u want me to say ’ hey mothafuckah what the fuck u want?’

Him: yes

Me: nope, that’s not me. Thats some other bitches shit. Curse u out. What am I going to get out of it. Nada.

From then the convo was on and on.

Im dumb to say… I dont know what to do. But I know what I want. But for him not to know.

I feel bad that he’s going down the hill in a way. But it what it is.